Editor, Times-Union:
The senior center has made some changes – painting on two walls has been done, cupboards ripped out, different curtains, the long tables that people played bingo at has been replaced with round tables. We’ve heard nothing but complaints about the round tables – the cross bars on two ends has no place to put your legs comfortably and people can not sit with the friends they were use to sitting with. What use to be the volunteer desk finally took a trip somewhere.
Last week the center has lost two more employees, which is the people understanding they left on there own choice. That makes five people that has left on their own or has been dismissed. The seniors are still trying to find out what is going on and still we get no answers just a shrugged shoulder – that is not good enough since we are paid members we feel that we should get an explanation as to what is going on but they don’t care about our feelings or what we have to say.
With so many changes going on, some of the people are afraid that eventually they will be closing the doors on us, they won’t want to be bothered with the elderly. Then where will we go to fellowship with our friends – play bingo until that will be taken away, too.
Leonard & Beth Sexton
Warsaw, via e-mail