Editor, Times-Union:
It seems funny to me to hear someone/anyone preach sedition, how ironic. Just a quick note about the history of this country. It was founded and formed through seditious behavior. I am not quoting this exactly but try this on for size: “A little revolution now and then is good for the Republic.”
I wish people would stop identifying with one side or another of this unending gabfest that we must endure from our elected officials. If you think that either side has “your” best interests in mind, you are sorely mistaken. The idea that drove our Republic to its current heights (or depths if you prefer) was an active and informed electorate interested in the greater good. I will say that we are certainly informed, over-informed more likely, but spin and counter-spin accomplish one thing only, getting people angry and angry people are more easily led where you want them to go. Think mob rule. My advice is to stop letting those who preach getting you angry, start thinking clearly and you will be surprised what solutions present themselves.
A long time ago I swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of these United States. I have put my life on the line for this oath and would do so again. So I ask you, no I beg you, drop all of the angry rhetoric and focus on the problems facing our nation, working together we can again achieve greatness. Thank you for your time.
S.T. White
Warsaw, via e-mail