Editor, Times-Union:
As a matter of public interest, I think it is important to know that a highly misleading scam letter is being directed to Kosciusko County homeowners and to which letter they should not respond.
I have been contacted by clients of this firm who have received this official-appearing mailing from the “Local Records Office,” Indianapolis, Ind. The letter offers to provide the homeowner with “the only document that identifies (homeowner) as the property owner of (address)” and to do so for a fee of $89. This particular scam is not unique to Indiana; sadly, it is occurring nationwide and many unsuspecting homeowners are duped into thinking they must respond in order to protect their property interests. It is not necessary to do so.
In the month of June, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller filed a series of lawsuits in Marion, Boone and Vanderburgh counties against three California-based companies, alleging the companies violated the Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act and the Deceptive Commercial Solicitation Act by mailing these misleading deed offers.
Kosciusko County homeowners should know they can with great ease secure a copy of their deed, if there is a need to do so, for a fee of $1 per page from the Recorder’s Office. Most deeds are one to two pages in length.
Additional information about this scam may be obtained from the official website of the Office of the Indiana Attorney General at http://www.in.gov
Wayne Walston
Warsaw, via email