Editor, Times-Union
I just read the Letter to the Editor published in the Tuesday, March 26, Times-Union from David Goshert and Richard Goshert. Their response to the David Kolbe letter from a few days past was right on target. I wished that I would have written it. A big thank-you to them for writing such a great retort.
Mr. Kolbe has a habit of writing anti-capitalist letters. He obviously prefers the Socialist perspective regarding all forms of business. In the past Mr. Kolbe has taken on other capitalist industry. Now the farmer. What next, Mr. Kolbe, newspaper carriers?
Being a Christian, I find it is interesting, (and disgusting), that his misunderstanding and misuse of Scripture is his justification and support for his flawed thinking. This is typical speak from those on the left. Regretfully, there are individuals gullible enough to swallow their nonsense. Mr. Kolbe has boasted in this venue that he is a former Republican who saw the light and became a Democrat. With his liberal positions and willingness to espouse them, regardless of accurateness, I’m sure he was welcomed into the party with open arms. After all, the local Democrats brought recently demoted, liberal network MSNBC’s, Ed Shultz here awhile back.’ Blowhard Shultz is a master at left wing propaganda. Likely, Mr. Kolbe was on the front row.
I was raised in the midst of many Democrats. My Grandfather was Indiana State Highway Superintendent under three Democratic governors, and was a past county chairman. He was the local Democratic candidate for sheriff in 1946. I am a former very active Democrat who twice was a candidate for public office, running on their ticket in 1971 and 1972. In 1960, as a 13-year-old, I washed car windows in shopping center parking lots, in exchange for a promise from the car’s owner to vote for John Kennedy. I proudly joined the Retail Clerks Union in 1962. (After my initial fees and union dues were deducted, I made less than my non-union counterparts in another store, which greatly diminished my union enthusiasm). In 1972, I vigorously campaigned along side a good man, my friend and a mentor, former United States Congressman, the late Floyd Fithian, a Democrat.
However, a few months later, due to deliberate misinformation, corruptness and other unethical behavior that I witnessed, coupled with the party moving woefully to the left, I fled the Democratic Party. As a new Christian, and businessman, I was in search of principled people with honor, integrity, and character to follow. Characteristics too infrequently found in the Democratic Party leadership.
I found that the the party of Ronald Reagan came closest to my ideals. My party isn’t perfect, but I agree with most of our party platforms and decisions. There have been some stinkers who have muddied our water. Only in heaven is there perfection. But, I know from experience that I am still, far better off. For many other reasons, as well, I am a proud capitalist Republican, and I have been for many, many years.
I am the one who, “saw the light”, Mr. Kolbe.
Mike Ragan
Warsaw, via email