Editor, Times-Union:

As a voter in House District 22, I am looking for a representative who will help safeguard our liberties while representing the citizens of the district. Rebecca Kubacki has demonstrated that she is a legislator who is not interested in safeguarding the liberties of all Hoosiers, but would rather increase government control of our lives, under the guise of safety.

Do I have any problems with Rebecca Kubacki as a person?  No, in fact the one time I had a chance to talk with her about an issue, she was open and attentive to everything I had to say. Yet when someone says: “Reduce the number of bills introduced each session. Every bill introduced means government intrusion in our lives. We elect representatives based on what bills they have passed. If your representative passes lots of bills, you will have lots of government in your life. I hope to only pass bills that really improve the lives of the people in our state not regulate their lives,” and then does the opposite, I have a problem with that. For anyone wondering, this is a response by Rebecca Kubacki in 2012 to a Times-Union survey to the question, “What are things you would like to change or continue if elected?” Her voting record leaves one to wonder if she really wants to reduce government intrusion in the lives of Hoosiers

I want a representative who will prevent the state from engaging in many of the practices that the federal government utilizes. How many people in Indiana know that the Indiana State Police own and operate a device that can collect cell phone data without your knowledge? On top of that, they won’t comment on whether or not they get a search warrant (read the story here: http://www.indystar.com/story/news/2013/12/08/indiana-state-police-tracking-cellphones-but-wont-say-how-or-why/3908333/). Does the Indiana State Police know the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Does anyone in the General Assembly know or care that it is going on? And I hope I don’t get a “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear” speech, “1984” is a fiction book, not an instruction manual!

Do I have a problem with Rebecca Kubacki as a person? No.  Do I feel that Rebecca Kubacki is more interested in an agenda that increases government control of the lives of Hoosiers?  Based on what others have written about some of the things she has said, the case can be made. I want a candidate who believes in letter Hoosiers enjoy their God-given rights to their life and liberty, and I believe, after meeting Curt Nisly on a couple of occasions, he is a candidate who truly will do just that. Curt Nisly will not be this candidate that some are portraying as this pseudo-Tea Party candidate who is seeking office to enact a statist agenda. Ultimately, it is up to the voters and I hope that, like me, will vote for Curt Nisly on May 6.

Gary Eppenbaugh

Warsaw, via e-mail