Editor, Times-Union:
I am running for Clay Township trustee. It may look as if I lost by a landslide 174 to 18 on Tuesday, but remember this was a primary where you must declare and vote for one party. I am amazed by and thankful for the 18 that supported me.
I have not stated much until today about why I took on this election. The first is I do not like going to the polls and every local election being uncontested. Along that line, we also see the same person election after election. The predecessor of this office served multiple terms going back to at least 96. When his health declined to the point he could no longer do the job my opponent was appointed.
I have served in multiple volunteer and some paid roles for community organizations since childhood. I have been a strong member of the local party since 2009, winning volunteer of the year in 2011. I am a graduate of Ivy Tech and soon Grace College.
I know I have the skills to complete the needs of the job. I want to be more accessible to the people. I want to build a solid relationship with the township board. I just simply know that its time the younger people stand and start taking responsibility for what is everyone's government.
I do know I need help in this fight.
Thank you all for your support,
Adam Hyde
Claypool, via email