Editor, Times-Union:
The Oct. 10 story in the Times-Union on the Tippecanoe River cleanup is slightly inaccurate in two ways.
First, my family has held this property since the mid 1950s. I have hunted and fished the river since then but only lived on the property 25 years.
Second, I did say it would be nice to remove the trash in the river (glass, metal, plastic and rubber). But I did not see how it could be done without equipment. This was just wishful thinking on my part. I would never endorse removing trees from the river.
These questions remain unanswered. The community says the river is moving slowly. How did they determine this? No science is offered. Perhaps Magic Dr. Voo-Doo?
Would they tell us if the river was moving too fast?
The committee can invite large property owners and outside organizations to meetings. Why not small property owners? Not even a postcard in 13 months.
Don’t sign away your property rights to people who have shown you no respect.
Nash Brallier
Warsaw, via email