Editor, Times-Union:
Last year, Saturday night before Easter Sunday, I took my husband to the emergency room at Kosciusko Community Hospital. for what we thought was appendicitis.
After several tests and blood work, the doctor in the emergency room did tell us it was appendicitis, but before doing surgery, he needed two units of blood. His blood was too low to do surgery. His blood was 8; it should be around 15. So he was admitted.
Dr. Sharon Rooney came in and talked to us. Soon after, they  started IV (blood). Approximately noon, Easter Sunday, 2012, Dr. Rooney did emergency appendectomy. After surgery, Dr. Rooney talked to us and explained there was something at the bottom of his colon.
After my husband was released from the hospital, we were sent to Dr. Goksel’s office at Cancer Care Center. He talked to us about what he felt should be done. First of all, he started my husband on IV feraheme (iron) plus two iron tablets daily. My husband had three feraheme treatments. Then Dr. Goksel ordered a colonoscopy. Then, surgery June 8, 2012, for colon surgery to remove the tumor.
Then Dr. Goksel ordered a port implant so my husband could start the chemo treatments (12 treatments, two weeks apart), lab work the week in between each treatment days being approximately nine hours (includes 2-1/2 fluid bags).
My husband saw Dr. Goksel every time he was taking treatments. First treatment Aug. 28, 2012, last treatment Jan. 28, 2013.
Dr. Goksel is a very caring and compassionate doctor with every patient.
Dr. LuAnn and the nursing staff and all the staff at the Cancer Care Center are the best.
Dr. Musaberk Goksel needs to be retained here in Warsaw.

Mack and Marjorie Amiss