Editor, Times-Union:
Two years ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was extremely lucky and blessed to have had Dr. Goksel as her oncologist. All through her treatment, Dr. Goksel was with her every step of the way.
Last month she was blessed with a clean mammogram. She attributes her clean bill of health to the grace of God and the wonderful care of Dr. Goksel. His knowledge, compassion and genuine concern cannot be stressed enough.
The loss of Dr. Goksel to Kosciusko Community Hospital would be a tragedy and travesty. The number of people this loss would affect would be a staggering amount. Is KCH really willing to take that chance? I shudder to think the condition of my mom’s health today had there been no Dr. Goksel.
Please, please reconsider your decision, KCH, to not retain Dr. Goksel. Many lives will be affected by your decision. I pray KCH will make the correct and moral decision. The only decision.
Greg Thornsbury