Editor, Times-Union:
I have read Mr. Metzger’s letter. My response is as follows:
The American Legion is broaching many subjects when it comes to our veterans. I can not speak of what National is doing because I just don’t know the specifics, however, I can speak for the local American Legion Post 49 that Mr. Metzger was a member of.
First, the Commander has never responded to the CD Mr. Metzger sent because it was bias with his personal rhetoric and was not backed with references and citation. Second, if Tom had spent any real time in his Legion he would know that we are just not a bar and a bingo joint. We continually support efforts to battle the problems facing our veterans. We donate money to multiply community projects including the homeless shelter, the Beaman Home and  numerous other charities. We hold funeral dinners for fallen veterans, honor those at the funeral itself, and hold fundraisers for members of our community in need. We also offer services to our veterans including but not limited to technical support for home computers, filling out necessary forms for Veteran Assistant programs, and cash help to those desperately in need. We do this everyday, all day. To assume we are anything less is a slap in the face.
How do I know this? I work for Post 49. No scratch that. I live at Post 49. The other employees here and I not only put in our scheduled work shifts we donate our time, our money and our hearts. We are the ones working for those in need. Our members are ready and willing to step up to the plate at a moment’s notice for anyone who fought for the freedoms our country enjoys.
Now I ask, “What more do you want from us?” Is all this not enough? Am I really suppose to stop helping a veteran find a job so I can go on some wild goose chase that you of all people feels is important? Who are you I ask? Because I sir, am a patriot.
Yours with respect for your service Mr. Metzger,
Josie Ryan
Warsaw, via email