Editor, Times-Union:
I have been reading letters in several newspapers regarding our representative Rebecca Kubacki. The most recent letters to the editor and the interview with Mr. Nisly in the Paper, Wednesday, April 16, 2014, prompted me to respond.
Some of these writers who are asking Ms. Kubacki for respect are actually showing considerable disrespect toward her. Apparently, some people believe their difference of opinion gives them permission to make disparaging remarks in the public view. As a long-time reader, I am accustomed to seeing these types of rants in Speak Out rather than on the editorial page.  The tone of these letters is not conducive to public discourse, but are more like school yard bullying or social media posts.
Mr. Nisly spent a good deal of his interview discussing his family, something his supporters have criticized Representative Kubacki for doing. His reference to “Twinkie Police and Nap Police” was offensive and misleading. He demonstrates a lack of understanding of this issue. Considering his concern for family matters, it is shocking he believes that children in daycare ministries should not be covered by the same basic safety regulations other providers must follow.
I am sorry Curt Nisly has associated himself with those who engage in a mean-spirited, negative campaign rather than telling the voters what he is about. His supporters have a simplistic view of the many issues our state faces. And they are outraged our representative has not voted in accordance with their personal opinion.
Mr. Nisly has promised not to change his positions once elected. Since he is a student of the Constitution, I am disappointed he would offer such a promise. Do we really want to send someone to the statehouse who refuses to participate in meaningful dialogue before making important decisions because of a campaign promise?
We have enough gridlock at the national level because many people have become so entrenched in social issues, forming opinions based on sound bites, and unwilling to take the time to fully understand each other. I expect our representatives to be willing to listen, compromise and cooperate with others in the legislature. I plan to vote for Rebecca Kubacki to continue her work on behalf of the people of our community.
The citizens of Indiana can serve as a model for our country by returning to civility, educating ourselves on the issues, casting our vote and then supporting all elected officials.
Kathleen Johnston
Syracuse, via email