Editor, Times-Union:
It is obvious that writing to your representative especially U.S. Senators is pretty much a waste of time. Their answers are never based on polling the people but on some obscure creator of a one-size-fits-all response letter.
I wrote to Sen. Dan Coats about staying out of these international squabbles that take place periodically. At the beginning of a two-page letter I’m told why Americans should care. Why not why Hoosiers should care?
Without realizing it he answered the question quite well in his first sentence. “The first and most obvious answer is the central lesson of history conflicts grow from small beginnings.” It should have included an important additional word, large conflicts.”
That is the very reason to stay out of small conflicts.The war party just can’t wait to get out of one unconstitutional war to get into another. I know, Sen. Coats, that it makes the military-industrial complex much richer and you can use all this bravado against Obama which we all know it is pure politics. But it’s not your sons and daughters so what do you care.
I find it interesting that the politicians who clamor for war the loudest for the most part have never served. Democracy 2014 is a cruel joke.
I do want to commend Starbucks company for coming up with $30 million to help physically and mentally maimed veterans, unfortunately damaged again in unconstitutional warfare. The funds will go to treat PTSD, also the victims of depleted uranium poisoning that I have been talking about ever since the Gulf War.
Tom Metzger
Warsaw, via email