Editor, Times-Union:
I rarely reply to those who use my name in vain but here goes.
It is obvious by the young lady’s comment that she could not have listened to the CD in question since my voice or thoughts are nowhere on the CD. It was a compilation of information from veteran technicians who were a part of the those who were directed to clean up the mess as soon as possible after Desert Storm. That was before they knew how deadly depleted uranium  was. Not only to troops but civilian populations. Depleted uranium ammunition is also used on training bases in the U.S. Quite possibly right here in Indiana. I know there is one hot dump of radiation material in southern Indiana. The information from experts is not that hard to find if you look for it.
This is  amazing since I was exposing the threat of agent orange in the early ’70s during that other meat grinder war in Vietnam.
Guess what? I received the same response in the papers back then. It took awhile back then to be vindicated. I lived for 32 years two blocks from Marine base Camp Pendleton. It’s surprising what you learn from returning Marines over a beer.
As the suicide rate among veterans skyrockets and many vets go off the rails killing whole families or others for no apparent reason, remember what I said.
Tom Metzger
Warsaw, via e-mail