Editor, Times-Union:
For years I’ve had it all wrong! I thought I knew how government works but alas, my high school government teacher sadly misled me. Thankfully, Representative Rebecca Kubacki was able to clear any misconceptions I might have had last Saturday at the Common Core forum at the Warsaw High School.
Rep. Kubacki told me and her other constituents that we should not be unhappy with her when she does not vote the way we (the voters) want, nor be disappointed when she doesn’t want to hear our views. You see, there are too many bills and issues each session at the statehouse for her to keep up with so she relies on experts to tell her how to vote. Well, now her vote to support Common Core makes more sense!
Last year, Rep. Kubacki voted against a one-year time-out to study Common Core and instead supported the immediate end to local and state educators having a say in our children’s educational standards.
Many of us are upset by the Common Core standards and have been inclined to blame Rep. Kubacki for supporting them with her vote. Thankfully, she explained that we should not blame her for the way she voted, it was those education experts who told her to vote the way she did. It’s all their fault, you see, not hers!
Rep. Kubacki, our civil servant, also explained her model for interacting with her constituents. She told the audience she wanted them to stop calling her when they have views about pending legislation. Instead, her voters are to contact experts in various fields when they want their voice to be heard on public issues. These experts will then tell Rep. Kubacki what the people want. “Don’t call me,” Kubacki told her constituents.
Wow! All these years I thought we were supposed to contact our legislators about public policy! Thank you, Rep. Kubacki, for clearing up my misconceptions on how government works. As a voter, I will no longer contact you with my concerns. As your constituent, I will no longer call you to voice my opinions on state government matters. I will, however, be sending you a “pink slip” and in the future will call my new state representative.
Amy Prosser
Warsaw, via e-mail