Editor, Times-Union:
Indiana House District 83 voters are waking up to Representative Kathy Heuer's voting record. While many question contradictions surrounding HJR3, known as “the marriage amendment,” we should also note other problematic decisions.
In 2013, Representative Heuer voted against a reprieve on the implementation of the Common Core education initiative. Her defense was that she felt comfortable voting against the one-year pause knowing a majority of legislators would vote to pass it.  Not a sensible answer.
And what can we make of her recent vote to regulate church and private day care facilities? These facilities are already subject to health and safety regulations. What is Representative Heuer’s reason to increase regulation on these entities?
By voting “yes” to approve a referendum to consolidate local governing bodies into a county executive position, I have to wonder: Why would Representative Heuer allow the public to vote on that issue but not on something as substantial as Indiana’s law on marriage?
At best, Representative Heuer’s votes confuse me. Standing on principles means: You say what you mean and, through your actions, mean what you say. There should be no confusion.
Debra Zawlocki
South Whitley, via email