Editor, Times-Union:
We will be celebrating our veterans on Nov. 11 with ceremonies throughout the county.
This year I would like to pay special tribute to our Vietnam Veterans.
This year marks the 50 anniversary of  the Vietnam  conflict which began under President Kennedy's administration, The reality of war was brought to us on our television screens on a daily basis.  To say it was an unpopular war is an understatement.
When our military men and women returned home there was no ticker tape parade.  Instead they were booed, spat upon and degraded. These brave men and women only did what they were asked to do.
They didn't question. They followed orders. They did their job.  To all of our Vietnam veterans "Thank You" from the bottom of our hearts.
On March 27 I will be introducing a Resolution to officially Welcome Home our Vietnam Veterans on behalf of the State of Indiana. I invite all Vietnam Veterans to the Indiana State House for a welcome home ceremony.
I look forward  to giving all of you the Welcome Home ceremony you should have received.   I  honor your service to this great country.  My God Bless you and God Bless America.
State Representative Rebecca Kubacki
Syracuse, via email