Editor, Times-Union:
My wife was a patient of Dr. Goksel for six years after he diagnosed her as suffering from leukemia (CLL). He has also treated me for the past five years for a haemoglobin problem. We both found him to be an excellent doctor – knowledgeable, caring, spending time to answer questions, and making his patients feel that he was truly concerned about them.
I was deeply disappointed to hear that Dr. Goksel’s contract at KCH was not being renewed. To lose the services of a doctor like Musaberk Goksel is certainly disturbing to a great many people. For Warsaw to have a doctor of his caliber is a great privilege for our city.
If there is anything that might be done by KCH to reconsider, I strongly urge them to do so. Doctors like Dr. Goksel are well worth keeping.
Homer A. Kent
Winona Lake