Editor, Times-Union:
Farewell to Kosciusko County and the quality of life as we knew it. Pollution is taking its toll on our land, air and water. Some plants and birds are no longer able to live in this environment. Go to this site, www.ingov/dnr/naturepreserve/4725.htm This site will give you a county-by-county overview of what we are giving up in the name of progress. We have been spoiled with an abundance of lakes and farm ground. We assumed it would always be there, pure and unadulterated.
Industry of any kind helps foul air water and land. Years ago, factories in Warsaw were called to task and made to conform to certain rules. Town people were being made to live with substandard conditions of air pollution. Rural areas were fortunate to have fresh air, water and good land. Of course, the trend for industrialized animal feeding operations changed all of that. Big factory farms are taking over the last great reason to live in Kosciusko County. Any unscrupulous farmer can buy a piece of land and put up huge hog, chicken or beef facilities as confined feeding operations. They can force people who have lived on their own farms, for generations, to move because of stench, water pollution or fouled creeks and rivers. These operations use more than their share of water. Some people living near such an operation, last year, had their wells go dry. These big operations are welcomed into the county by county and state officials who have great conflict of interest and their own agenda.
China rode the wave of prosperity and are now facing ruin in every essential element needed for sustainable living. Their bodies of water have dead zones, the air is so polluted they wear masks and the farm ground has been exhausted. They are proposing that the United States raise their meat, keep all of the manure and the slaughter mess, here, and go down the same road as they did, while they live high on the hog. Could we learn a lesson from them, instead of buying into their ways of taking the United States down the drain, also? Keep in mind that the meat they are consuming is full of antibiotics and growth hormones. Super bugs are being created that can't be helped by antibiotic use.
We have been warned that man will create his own destruction. Look around you, it's happening!
Marjorie Vance
Claypool, via e-mail