Editor, Times-Union:
I am writing in response to the “Stand Up” editorial by Justin Risner that was published yesterday in the Times-Union.
I’m frankly tired of reading that socialism is being pushed on the country as mentioned in the editorial and the conspiracy theory about the national media is plain foolhardiness. We have a system of capitalism with some elements of socialism to provide for the greater good of all in this country.
Mayor Joe Thallemer is working hard and doing an exemplary job planning for the future. Government investment is needed to improve our community.
A couple of examples of noteworthy government investment include the Hoover Dam and interstate highway system that transformed our country forward. The fast passenger train project would be funded mostly with federal money and the remainder with state and private investment and would be a self sustaining service.
You state that in your “strong opinion” local taxes will go up.  That is not true if you take time to read the proposal closely. I also don’t see the connection in your statement of train service pushing people out of the suburbs and into the cities and especially don’t see any logic in train service bringing increased crime and drugs to Warsaw. Train service will provide economic growth for business in our area, additional jobs, more personal freedom to travel at reasonable cost and positive impact on the environment by taking thousands of cars off the road daily.
Lastly, the “comprehensive plan” is meant to provide sustainable growth, restrictions on energy use and CO2 emissions just to name a few as quoted from your editorial. I have not seen the plan and was unable to attend the council meeting but if this is part of the plan, count me in for prudent growth and reducing carbon pollution as a positive step for our environment and future generations.
Unfortunately, time does not stand still so proactive long term planning is critical to move our region in the right direction.
John Bonitati
Warsaw, via e-mail