Editor, Times-Union:
You say we have to be politically correct? What about squelching freedom of speech?
You say extortionists? What about the IRS targeting political adversaries?
You say obstructionists? What about the lies, coverup and utter obstruction of justice regarding the truth about Benghazi?
You say redistribution? What about those who have worked hard and used all opportunities to live a life they made for themselves and their families only to have it taken away at the whims of those in power. (Sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.)
The answer to a reckless failed government is more government?
The answer to persistently high debt and unemployment is no new development of an enormous supply of natural gas and oil on federal lands?
The answer to economic malaise is to raise taxes?
The answer to Muslim extremism is to reduce the size of our military, fund the Muslim brotherhood (Egypt) with billions of our dollars, ignore and condemn our allies (Israel), and give known foreign terrorists the same legal considerations as American citizens?
Most importantly, the daily assault (too numerous to list) on the Judeo Christian principles this nation was founded – is eroding the building blocks of our way of life.
To focus on one person standing up for their values and principles representing those who put him in office (Ted Cruz) is to deny the whole picture. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.
Deb Conley