Editor, Times-Union:
The Greater Warsaw Ministerial Association (GWMA) is calling everyone to pray for Boston and the United States one week after the heinous bombing of the Boston Marathon by radical Islamic terrorists.
1. Pray for the families of those who lost loved ones in this attack.
2. Remember the victims who are still recovering from injuries and loss of limb.
3. Pray that justice will be served as a reminder to all of the sanctity of life.
4. Lift the city of Boston and surrounding cities as they recover and return to daily life.
5. Pray for humility for America that we will seek God’s face, repent of our sins and truly trust Him as we say in our national motto.
If possible, please take a moment of silence at 2:49 PM (EST) to remember this attack one week ago on April 15 and lift our hearts in an “Appeal to Heaven.”
Please forward this e-mail to your friends.
Blessings in Jesus,
Ken Locke & John Lowe II
Warsaw, via e-mail