Editor, Times-Union:
I read a letter to the editor on Friday evening that simply had me in a state of shaking my head.
After reading it, I thought if our administration in Washington has this mind set, we are in a lot worse shape than I thought.
I guess the first response I would have to this letter would be that we have gay people because they chose to be that way.
I read a while back a story that a group of scientists did an experiment with twins – one was straight, the other gay. Most twins are wired pretty much the same, not exactly but real close. The scientist concluded after the study that the gay twin chose to be that way and not because he was born that way.
So no, God did not make gays. Your opinion on gays being made for population control is so far out there, I’m not even going to touch it.
Let’s go to abortion. The Bible says “thou shall not kill.” If you plant a seed in the ground and come back and look at it a few week’s later and it has sprung up, it did so because it has life in it.
Unborn babies start growing right from the start. Why? Because they have life in them. So if you cut down the plant or take the baby, what have you done?
If you knock the dust off your Bible and do some research you would find God condemned the gay life style in the old testament and the new. As a matter of fact 320,000 souls were taken in one day in the Old Testament. The Bible says it is an abomination to God and you can be assured if it was an abomination then it still is today.
See God’s word never changes. I said a while back I was going to try and lay off writing these letters but after seeing that one I had to respond.
So in ending, you can be assured of this: God did not make gay people. Abortion is still murder and God did not put gays here for population control.
As I said, all we can do is pray. If this is our current mindset in D.C then the USA is hanging on God’s scales and the balance is not in our favor.
Pray America ... pray.
Lonnie Slone
via e-mail