July 9, 2013 is a day that changed our lives forever.
Our son, Austin Valentine was hit by a van crossing the street on the corner of Center and Detroit.  We have witnessed firsthand the power of prayer, the grace of God and outreach of friends and family.
Austin had people praying for him literally all over the world! With social media and Caring Bridge I have been able to thank everyone that I could reach. I want to take this time to thank all the local people who not only prayed and sent cards, but also were there when the accident happened.
I don’t know all of the emergency responders, but I don’t want you to be forgotten. You are our heroes. You were there very quickly and made all the right decisions to get Austin to the hospital in the quickest way possible.  Austin was hit at approximately 10:05 am. The decision was made to have Samaritan Rochester called to the scene.
They landed in Central Park. From the time of lift off to landing, it took 6 minutes. Samaritan landed at Parkview and had Austin in the ER Trauma by 10:40 am. Parkview was ready for him and immediately started working on him.
He was not stable; he was on the verge of death. They were able to stabilize enough to get him to STICU. At this time, no one knew who he was, so he was given the name “Delaware Doe.” Dave and I found out it was our son 3 hours later.
I had called dispatch to see if they had identified the pedestrian hit, as Austin was not home and neither was his long board. Officers Mike Cox and Kip Shutter came to the house to have me identify the long board as Austin’s.  Yes, our worst nightmare had just come to life. These men handled the situation very well. They are a great representation of our police force in Warsaw.
When we arrived at Parkview Regional Medical Center, the ladies at the reception area saw us running in and immediately rose to their feet to help us find Austin. We were directed to his room in STICU.
Seeing your child laying in a hospital bed on a ventilator and with IV’s everywhere and a tube coming from his head, is hands down a moment of total devastation. The trauma doctor came in to talk to us about Austin’s injuries.  He had several cracked bones, but none were broken. Then he proceeded to tell us how serious his brain injury was.
The professionals at Parkview cannot say that this patient may not live, but I could see it in this doctor’s eyes. Never once in that moment did I think my son is going to die. That came later after the shock was gone and all the information started to sink in. As the hours went on and his brain continued to swell, his prognosis was getting worse. The nurses were in his room constantly, never stopped monitoring him, never leaving his side.
As prayers for Austin were coming from all over the world, God heard every one of them. He reached down and touched this child’s body and healed him in a way that defies medicine. I thank God for the talents of the doctors and nurses but I thank God for healing my son.
When Austin asked me what happened to him and I told him, he looked me in the eyes and said, “I am a miracle mom, I know I have a purpose.”
We tell you his story so that people will know that God does hear your prayers, people do come together for even a stranger in times of need. Our God is an awesome God! The people of this community have been brought together for the love of one boy, for strength of an entire family. We thank you for your continued prayers as he is still healing and we go forward into uncharted territory as to how the future will unfold.
Barb and Dave, Skyler Valentine
Bob and Marcia South, Mike and Pam Valentine
 Warsaw, via email