Editor, Times-Union:
Nothing warms my heart more than the Times-Union featuring and printing stories of success and triumph. I have two articles in hand that I want to comment on.
 On July 26 you did a story on Monica Hatfield.  She was 6 months old when her parents were killed by a drunk driver at the corner of Zimmer Road and West Winona Avenue. What touches me is what a lovely young lady she has become; what she has made of her life; her trip oversees for the program “People to People”; her understanding of the tragedy that took her parents away from her; and her willingness to speak out and forgive.
At such a young age, she was given the right to decide for herself how she wanted to feel about Brandon Robinson who caused the fatal accident. She has become friends with him. She speaks out and shares her story and is a testimony to her and Brandon’s life change.
It is heartfelt to hear that Brandon is doing well, how he has changed his life and is speaking out on the dangers of drinking and driving. Society is not so quick to listen, learn and forgive, so I applaud Monica and Brandon for going full speed forward and doing society a great thing. We as society need to give a second forgiving chance when someone does wrong, pays the price, and then turns their life around.
The other story was from September 11. Jacob Brock was allowed to go for a dream and made a touchdown during half-time during a football game between Lakeview and Edgewood Middle Schools. The look on his face was so neat and I am sure that he will remember that moment forever.
I couldn’t help smiling through the entire article.
I hope that the Times-Union will continue to publish neat stories like this in the future and not just one a month. News needs to be balanced and not just all negative government, terrorism plots, and doom and gloom.
Thanks for newsworthy scrapbook material.
Jennifer Blair
Warsaw, via email