Editor, Times-Union:
Rep. Rebecca Kubacki is costing you money!
In 2013, she voted to give in-state tuition to certain illegal aliens. The bill became law and now costs Hoosiers millions of dollars each year.
She has stated that she hopes to extend in-state tuition privileges to every illegal alien student in the state, which will cost Hoosiers even more!
She has sponsored a bill which would require an individual be seen by a physician to obtain a prescription for over-the-counter cough medicines containing certain ingredients. The result for Hoosier families will be that an $8 cold aid will cost approximately $50 to $100!
It’s time to ask: Can we afford Rep. Kubacki’s representation any longer? Time for a pink slip on May 6 for Rebecca Kubacki and let Curt Nisly represent District 22. He’ll listen to you and not just “experts” as she says that who she listens to.
Teresa Martin
Silver Lake, via e-mail