Editor, Times-Union:
I write today on behalf of Governor Pence’s tax cut proposal.  
As a mom of four children, I am painfully aware of what it’s like to come home each Friday to balance our family budget.  With three of our four children being boys, it’s even more painful to go to the grocery store and find out what’s left at the end of the paycheck. Like so many Hoosiers, we are a middle-class family that struggles some weeks living paycheck to paycheck.
To have a governor, who has decided to stop feeding the government beast, is truly overwhelming to me. As I read over the governor’s budget, I was astonished to see him put the taxpayer first.
In the day and age we are living in, with the massive government spending, and the helplessness that we as taxpayers feel when we see our hard-earned dollars being spent like water, it is comforting to know and see in his plan, that our governor has decided to protect the taxpayer and hold the line on spending, while balancing the budget and letting us keep our hard-earned dollars. As a mom who has to watch her budget each week, knowing that his plan has my best interest at heart means more to me than I can express to you.
With such a wonderful plan presented to the General Assembly, why am I writing to you? Well, because this General Assembly (the super-majority) has decided they want to wait to get the April revenue report back to decide if they will pass any tax cuts to you. The House GOP’s budget ignores the governor’s call for a 10% income tax cut, adds $1 billion more in spending, and does not trigger the automatic taxpayer refunds implemented by the Daniels administration. Believe it or not, they even block a vote on the governor’s tax cut.
What is wrong with waiting, you ask? While they “wait,” they are still spending your money. I am amazed as I watch this super-majority spend your tax dollars while saying no to a tax cut for you. I have to ask you, will your Representative or Senator vote to grow the economy, or grow government spending instead? Call and ask them at (House) 317-232-9600  or (Senate)  317-232-9400. Tell him/her to support the Pence tax cut.
Monica Boyer
Kosciusko Silent NO More
Warsaw, via e-mail