Editor, Times-Union:
I am writing to you today to discuss the terrible parking situation downtown. There is very little available parking space for consumers to park as well as employees of all these businesses who I’m told also have to go out and move their cars every two hours to avoid being ticketed.
Warsaw is a fast growing town, yet nothing has been done to update the parking in town, so space is limited. My friend and I had lunch at a new restaurant in town the other day which I do not often do because it is so difficult to park.
I heard so many great things about this restaurant I wanted to try it. I had to circle town five times to find an available parking space, I finally did so and as I parked my car the car behind me pulled out as well.
I flagged down my friend to take the spot behind me. We then had a wonderful lunch only to come out and find tickets on our cars. The officer was still present so I questioned this ticket, he told me it was for improper parking. I asked “What is improper parking?”
The officer stated “you are not between the white lines.” I replied “I am only inches over the white line and I had no other option but to park over the line because the cars in front of me are over the line due to a large truck in the first space that was too big for the space causing everyone else to be off by inches.
I did not feel that getting this ticket was right because I was not responsible” and the officer replied “you choose to park where others were improperly parked. You could have chosen another spot so therefore it is your fault.” There were no other parking spots available.
I then went to this officer’s boss to complain as well which got me nowhere either. So I am writing this letter to warn people to make sure they are properly parked in town because inches could cost you dollars. There needs to be additional parking in town to accommodate all the customers who wish to invest their hard earned dollars in this community.
It would be a shame to see these small businesses lose out on customers because there is no parking available or for fear some overzealous parking attendant is going to ticket them for using available spaces. Thank you for listening to my story and I hope this prevents others from getting unwarranted tickets, and if it doesn’t for your convenience there are ticket drop boxes on the corners of the streets in town to pay your fine.
Stacy Slone