Editor, Times-Union:
When I thought about it, I’m surprised that the Times Union didn’t have much coverage of the Sochi Winter Olympics.
Since there was weather for hibernation (almost) and my being retired, I was able to watch three-quarters of it. Those opening and closing ceremonies were spectacular events. The technology, the choreography with multitudes of participants about the culture and history of Russia was something to behold.
Then the various programs oftentimes were very exciting. After his big buildup, Shaun White was a disappointment for USA and himself. Glad Bode Miller eked out a medal. (I thought the interview of him by a reporter continued too long when he was getting so very emotional.)
I even got a taste of the curling program.
Almost all that I observed in my extensive viewing was so very well-done, with one exception – when the literal blow-by-blow era of the Tonya Harding vs. Nancy Kerrigan fiasco was telecast. Forget it already. Or give it just a minuscule amount of time at most.
Russia/Putin/the overall artistry did themselves proud and the athletes made their countries proud. All without any terrorism! Worth every billion they put into it.
Lila O’Connell
Pierceton, via email