Editor, Times-Union:
It appears that Obamacare has taken a page from prescription drug plans. If you don’t subscribe to a prescription drug plan when you could have (according to them) your monthly payments are much higher. Obamacare is now going to fine people for not signing up at their first opportunity.
It’s obvious their first priority is not for the welfare of the citizens. It’s just another opportunity to skewer the American people once again. And, all the while, they blindly continue to give billions to countries all over the world who are not our friends. Also, I don’t think people realize how much money the government takes in from the gasoline tax.
It’s in the billions. It’s supposed to be used exclusively for roads and such, but who knows that they do with it. There are individuals in the country who would be capable of managing the financial welfare of our nation. But not politicians because politics always get in the way of solving problems.
Finally, if those Hollywood liberals and those in the music industry want to boost their image and that of their great leader, they should pool their money and pay off the national debt. Then, and only then, would anyone have any respect for them. They are, for the most part, terrible role models.
Donna Trowbridge