Editor, Times-Union:
The shutdown over Obamacare has ended and the debt limit has been raised, and thus President Obama and the Democrats, with the help of moderate Republicans, have won the battle.  Polls show that 48.8 percent of the people oppose Obamacare and 38.8 percent favor it, but Democrats and moderate Republicans like it.
Mr. Obama has issued an order that permitted big business to postpone Obamacare for one year and the Tea Party tried to have that same exemption apply to small business and individuals but they lost.
The Obamacare rule about receiving subsidies based on a person’s income was voided for Congress and Washington bureaucrats (they can receive subsidies if they earn $174,000) and the Tea Party tried to have that rule reinstated so that everyone would be treated fairly but they lost that one, too.
So, the win for the Democrats and the loss for the Tea Party was also a loss for small businesses and individuals and those who were not employed by Congress or by the bureaucrats in Washington. Let’s hope that next time the Tea Party and the rest of us win.
Keith Snelson
Goshen, via e-mail