Editor, Times-Union:
I disagree with David Kobe’s letter to the editor. This case in my opinion was not about race. The police asked Zimmerman if Martin was white, black or Hispanic. Zimmerman said he looks black. Martin could have been white and I think Zimmerman would have done the same thing.
Martin attacked Zimmerman and threw the first punch and was pounding Zimmerman’s head into the sidewalk, which is cement. If Martin was still alive, I would want Martin to be brought up on attempted murder charges. Zimmerman had the right to defend himself against this punishment, like it or not!
I think a lot of people are trying to make it about race. This is not about race. I would also like a federal prosecutor to investigate the Federal Department of Justice about hate crimes against George Zimmerman. Some people have been saying that this poor young boy was murdered. Martin had a cell phone, why didn’t he call 911? Instead he choose to confront Zimmerman. He could have walked away and went home and called the police and told them someone is following me.
Martin is not an innocent little boy. He was trying to kill Zimmerman. As far as young blacks, they need to get a job and make their lives better, like everyone else is trying to do. Dr. Carson is a good example that it is possible for young blacks to improve their life. I am not a former prosecutor. I am just a hard-working country boy trying to make a good living like everyone else is.
Have a nice day, Mr. Kobe.
Michael L. Stevens
Pierceton, via e-mail