Editor, Times-Union:
The following is the conclusion to my previous two letters (April 15 and June 9) on the need for a legally binding none of the above is acceptable and vote to retain in office options.
Those letters outlined how a vote to retain in office and a none of the above is acceptable option on Indiana ballots would work for American Hoosiers in giving them the ability to make elected public officials more accountable to them.
There is one more option that can be added to these two, which is the following: Hoosier voters should be allowed to cast a yes or no confidence in the competence of the current slate of office seekers or office holders to perform its duties and retain the consent of the governed vote.
This in effect would be the straight party ticket version of the none of the above or vote not to retain in office, allowing the voters here in Indiana to vote against all of the candidates on a ballot instead of individually. If 51 percent or above of voters decide to vote in favor of no confidence then a new slate of candidates or office holders would need to be found, just as they would with the regular none of the above or the vote not to retain in office options.
All three of these options would encourage non-voters who have dropped out of voting in elections because of the lack of choices to start participating in elections again. Plus they are the only ballot options that can reunite Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents of all stripes in an opposition coalition against incumbent or establishment candidates/officeholders in order to hold them more accountable to the voting public. Putting these options on ballots along with more competitive Republican and Democratic primaries, getting more third party and independent candidates to run in the general elections on a consistent basis, would be an effective way to do away with the either or two candidate races or the one candidate automatically get elected by filing for office races that we to often see here in Indiana and elsewhere in America.
Alexander Houze
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