Editor, Times-Union:
Several have asked why I agreed to serve as treasurer for Curt Nisly candidate for Indiana District 22 House seat. They know I have previously supported and financially contributed to his opponent. In accepting this role, I reflected back on many conversations I had with my longtime friend, our states’ beloved governor, Doc Bowen. He repeatedly told me that he learned early on to be a good listener, respecting each person’s opinions even if he believed differently.
When attending the January Common Core meeting at the Warsaw Schools, I appreciated the opportunity to learn about the standards included in Common Core. During this meeting I heard Representative Kubacki say when she needed to learn something about educating our children, she would go to the educational expert. She went on to say if I as a parent had a concern, I should not contact her but rather make my concerns known to the educators responsible for educating our children.  This statement was made publicly as she interrupted the time between two invited presenters. During the question time, an individual asked Kubacki if she heard correctly that one should not contact Kubacki with concerns. Affirming her stated position, Kubacki started responding in a very loud voice and verbally attacked the questioner. As a lifelong Republican and former Kubacki supporter I was embarrassed. The program moderator had to step in front of our representative to stop her continued verbal assault.
I am aware of at least two documented occasions where Representative Kubacki ignored Doc Bowens’ good advice; one being during the Right to Work hearings and the other after a Warsaw pastor testified in her committee on a Kubacki-sponsored bill. In the first she said documented unkind words to a union member. To the pastor who asked why she felt the need to defend the opinions of the entire state rather than her district, and how she justified adding government regulation in local church ministry, she informed the pastor she would not be threatened or intimidated as she shook her finger at him. I wonder if she has forgotten she is the representative for District 22 and like Doc Bowen needs to respect each person’s opinion.
Over Kubacki’s four years of service, she has retreated from conservative values on which she originally ran. I ask you to join me on May 6 in choosing wisely by voting for Curt Nisly, a man who listens and respects your opinion.
John Elliott
Warsaw, via e-mail