Editor, Times-Union:
My belief is that there are two competing philosophies about the relationship of people to their government.
One philosophy has those in power asking themselves what decisions would be best for the people. This view is that decisions are made at the government level for our good and that our input is to elect those who will decide what is best for us. This view is summoned up by the belief that “people are not capable of running their own lives, but some people are capable of running the lives of millions of other people.”
The other philosophy is that those in office should not try to decide things “for us,” but should spend their energy protecting our freedom and liberty, so that we as individuals can make our own individual decisions about how we will run our own individual lives.
Curt Nisly will work to protect our liberty by limiting government. As he says, “Free people limit government.” Choose wisely, vote Nisly in HD22.”
Craig Nayrocker