Editor, Times-Union:
What did you think of Cal Thomas’ recent editorial with comments about Egypt, the “Muslim Brotherhood” etc.? If you missed it could I give a little “extended quote” from Cal to sense the reaction from our Warsaw area? O.K.? We in the midwest should feel that we are still part of the great “National Debate” going on in our country and our world, right? (Though I did recently drop my Wall Street Journal that I miss a lot even more than I thought I would) – the wholesome variety of styles, of opinions, and all that, you know! They said I could start again any time. And yes I may do that – if I can find a mailbox big enough to hold the three to four pounds of mail I’ve been getting daily of late.
Here’s what Cal said:
 “The diplomatic hosannas for Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi following his brokering of the recent ceasefire between Hamas and Israel were still being heard even as the former head of the Muslim Brotherhood started behaving like a pharaoh. Morsi “temporarily” seized new powers that, among other things, forbid judicial review of his policies.
“What ought to amaze us is how many times Western and especially U.S. diplomats have gone to the Arab-Muslim well, believing they will find something different at the bottom. Egypt, Hamas and even Iran string us along like a cad with a bevy of women in his orbit because we refuse to acknowledge their true intent.
“In a recent radio interview I tried to explain to the host that the Muslim Brotherhood and other enemies of Israel mean what they say. ‘Those are just words,’ he said. How do you break through such willful ignorance?
“We are engaged in a clash of civilizations between Western democracies and Islamic fundamentalism. Whether we admit it or not this is an indisputable fact. History proves it. As with most dictatorships, Egypt had an election and it could be its last ‘free’ one. Morsi’s government is now about the business of suppressing dissent, a familiar practice among dictators. Protests over Morsi’s ‘power grab’ have again enlivened Cairo’s Tahrir Square and produced a rebellion by Egyptian judges who have been denied judicial review by their new ‘pharaoh.’”
So the quote continues with the Hamas blaming the Isarelis for all the world’s woes etc.
“New generations of Muslim children are taught to hate all things Western including Jews, Christians and other ‘infidels.’ Israel is pressured to sign off on a ceasefire agreement with Hamas so that the west can get back to ‘holiday shopping.’ Hamas and their terrorist brothers use ceasefires to rearm. According to The Sunday Times, citing Israeli officials. Israelis are considered the ‘troublemakers’ of the whole world! No matter how far from the truth it really is! How can a nation that small be making that much trouble?”
John and Jodie Boggs
Winona Lake