Editor, Times-Union:
Rep. Rebecca Kubacki recently said “I’m going to be the Mother of Indiana.” http://www.journalgazette.net/article/20140119/LOCAL/301199949
In fact, her adopted daughter just mailed a letter to convince you what a great mom she is!
This makes perfect sense really. Rep. Kubacki had to have her daughter write a glowing report about her parenting skills to convince you the voter that Rep. Kubacki knows better than you and needs to take care of you.
In fact, she’s already trying to “mother you.” She
1. sponsored SB207, making it easier for illegal aliens to get in-state tuition and harder for veterans. Mother of Indiana decides who gets money.
2. usurped your parenting rights by voting for bill SB50 to ban teenagers from tanning beds. Mother of Indiana decides who goes to tanning beds.
3. Sponsored bills to install “snack police” in church daycares and to give the Family and Social Services Administration the ability to close a church ministry for disobeying the rules … without a court order. Mother of Indiana decides what snacks your kids will eat.
4. Wrote me a note: “Thank you for your thoughts on Common Core. Our principles and superintends (sic) support it.  I have to rely on our educators to do what is best.” Then told parents in a public meeting that she does not want to hear from them about their children’s education, see, she’s going to listen to the experts. Mother of Indiana decides what your children learn in school.
Rep. Kubacki, the idea that Hoosiers need a Government Mommy to micro-manage their lives is insulting, not a Hoosier Value, but will lead to you being able to stay home and spend more time with your children and grandchildren.
I will be voting for the “free people limit government” guy, Curt Nisly.
Amy Prosser
Warsaw, via e-mail