Editor, Times-Union:
Going into either day three or four of the “government shutdown,” depending on when this gets published, I actually thought I could blow this off, ignore the news and not let my blood pressure get the best of me. Ha! Fat chance.
Government shutdown, fiscal cliff, debt ceiling and Y2K are all buzzwords designed to get your attention on the headline and divert you from the real issue, greed. I feel like I’m being played every time I see or hear them. Unfortunately, this time it’s more than smoke and mirrors.
It’s no coincidence that all this comes on the precise day that the ACA goes into effect and people who need insurance can start signing up. After 50 votes and after a Supreme Court ruling the “House Republicans” are still throwing their tantrums over preservation of the sanctity of the current business model in the health care industry. Fine, the ACA (oh ... that’s Obamcare for the uninitiated) doesn’t really address that much beyond the mandate that insurance companies disperse at least 80 percent of their intake on claims versus raising rates and hoarding the cash.
The healthcare industry’s culture of silence and hidden pricing structures will persist. It’s about letting more people get insurance by doing a better job of pooling the money. It all started as a common sense approach to lower costs and build up the industry with an influx of money and previously uncovered patients. The cost to the taxpayers could easily be covered with the elimination of one unnecessary Defense Department project, the F-35 (that’s Boondoggle for the uninitiated). Instead the entire nation is being held hostage by a pack of crying, whining babies in the House of Representatives who can’t get their way. What do they care? They’ve got their health care coverage. They’re all fairly well to do and are only worried about re-election and their super PAC campaign contributors.
The small group of “House Republicans” that are holding us hostage, tanking the Stock Market, crashing the economy and hurting millions of innocent Americans don’t care about you. They don’t even have to pretend to care about you. All they have to do is take a position. It’s childish, it’s ridiculous and it has to stop. If you continue to vote these morons back into office, you have no one to blame but yourself.
Ted Carter
Leesburg, via e-mail