Editor, Times-Union:
They will probably call me racist or homophobe or a hater who is against everything and everyone. But it is “progressive” leftists who have drunk the Kool Aid. Even Barbara Walters has now admitted that she fell for the “hope and change” and thought that Obama was the “next messiah.” Did you believe it too?
If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything! What do you stand for? Hope and change? Global warming? A lie? Or truth?
The leftist progressives hate the idea of absolute truth like Christian morality because it seems to them so judgemental and calls everyone a sinner. They want to celebrate sin as normal behavior and want no moral accountability or “code,” except maybe whatever subjective code they conjure in their own mind. They think that truth is relative; they can believe their own truth and not accept that there are absolute truths that are immutable/unchangeable. Truths which have consequences when violated. There are still some of us who know the truth, hold on to it, and try to preach it in different ways. We hope that one day they know the truth, hold on to it, and try to preach it in different ways. We hope that one day the progressives and “low information voters” will wake up, like Barbara Walters, and want to know what is really true. Are you delusional? Do you want to know the truth? Are you ready?
Truth #1 – The world is ultimately moral, there is absolute truth.
Truth #2 – Man has a sin nature – even you and me.
“The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between private parties either – but right through the human heart.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Without a moral standard and accountability, you and I make up our own “truth” and become a despot or tyrant, like Hitler. When you finally understand Truth #2, you hold on even tighter to your Bible and your guns.
Truth #3 – We can only have and keep a government of freedom if we have a moral people. If we don’t have this moral code in our hearts, we are sinners and will eventually sin and commit crimes: lie, cheat, steal, adultery, homosexuality and even murder. (Have you noticed all the school shootings since 1978, and none before?) If we don’t teach morality in our homes and schools, we can’t pass enough laws, hire enough police, or build enough prisons to control people by force. Not even with the NSA! The only way freedom works is with a moral people. The highest  moral standard is Christianity. Thomas Jefferson, Madison and the Founders understood this. The First Continental Congress printed 10,000 Geneva Bibles to teach morality in all of our U.S. public schools.
Pray for the lost souls, they are like the blind leading the blind, falling into a ditch. If you have eyes, see! If you have ears, listen! If the spirit guides, reach a few more by speaking their language. We need revival in America to restore a culture of Truth.
Truth #4. – There is only one Messiah, who died for truth. Read the transcript: John 18:12-19:16.
Russell Reahard
North Manchester