Editor, Times-Union:
American pilot, Jerry Krause’s plane went missing on an Africa ferry flight of a Beech 1900C aircraft from South Africa to Mali on Sunday, April 7th.
Jerry is a former Mission Aviation Fellowship missionary, but when MAF pulled out of Mali in 2009 Jerry stayed on with Sahel Aviation to continue serving there.  Jerry has a wife, Gina, and three children.  Jerry regularly uses an iPhone to communicate with his family stateside, and the iPhone was on at the time local authorities lost contact with the plane.
French communications organization Orange, which operates Jerry’s iPhone, shut his phone off remotely to conserve battery power but have otherwise been unwilling to help in the search and rescue mission.
The first search flight covered the first 40 nautical miles of Jerry’s flight path to the island of São Tomé, located off of the west coast of Africa, and the last nine miles out from where they lost contact with him. They also searched the coastline area and near the airport. No signs of the aircraft have been discovered. There have been boats in the water assisting with the search, but the family isn’t certain as to how many or for how long."
Friday morning, a second search flight was scheduled to focus more along the coast and inland.
The search came back unsuccessful as they found no floating debris. The emergency location transmitter was not activated, making it unlikely that Jerry crashed and increasingly likely that he was forced to land in hostile territory and impossible to use as a tool for Jerry’s rescue.
Orange holds the Krause family’s best hope of finding Jerry, but remains uncooperative. Please tweet #findjerry and a link to www.findjerry.com to the following corporate board members of Orange as well as @orange and @orangefondation @BrunoMettling @MarcRennard @xaviercouture
Those interested in sending prayer and messages of encouragement can send those to prayersforjerry@gmail.com.
If a representative from Orange is reading this, please contact helpusfindjerry@gmail.com so that Jerry’s family can connect you with the right people on the ground.
Allison Bollman
Warsaw, via email