Editor, Times-Union:
Recently an indepth exposé on the high cost of medical  treatment and hardware, i.e., why a hip replacement ran over 14K in the U.S. opposed to 3K in Belgium. Don't give me that socialized medicine tired old cliché. I have had medical treatment in Europe and it was top notch.
Well lets start with philanthropy. On the Medtronic webpage their are millions of dollars given to groups that the overseers could not possibly check out. Much of this is just plain payola to outdo the competition. One such rat hole is the Southern Poverty Law Center that sits on at least $250 million but shares nickles and dimes with the down trodden.
One example of this is how they wasted $50 million bucks invested into the Bernie Madoff money scandal.
In other words big corporation's spread hundreds of millions of dollars around to groups they know very little about. That's just the tip of the iceberg of why your medical costs are through the roof.
Your Congressman and Senators? Forget it. They are first in line for the payoff.
Tom Metzger
Warsaw, via email