Editor, Times-Union:
For quite a long time, my wife and I have watched the news out of the Middle East, and we both have witnessed just how “slanted” the American news networks have been in their reported accounts of the violence.
We only received a handful of channels with an antenna and have to adjust it one way or other just to pick up certain stations.
She prefers the CBS station out of Harrisburg. However, while viewing the “CBS Evening News,” we have noticed just how twisted their personnel can be.
One reporter, speaking from Gaza, tells of the large number of Palestinian women and children who have been killed by Israeli rockets or gunfire while a small number of Israeli citizens have been killed or hurt.
One reason for the large number of Palestinian women and children being killed is because the Palestinian soldiers, much like the communists of North Vietnam and even North Korea, use their women and children as “human shields,” placing them in harm’s way (a sick kind of “human sacrifice”) so that they can shout out to the world “look what the Israelis (also known as “Jews”) do to our helpless women and children.” all the while, it is the Palestinian men who are the true leechers and cowards, hiding behind the innocent.
Yet, they see nothing wrong with killing Jewish children or women. Israel’s enemies are as much a bunch of gutless things as the Germans (Nazis) of the 1930s and 1940s who killed over 6 million Jewish children, women and men in the Holocaust.
But, to hear the CBS reporter in Gaza, he almost seems “ticked off” at the small number of Israeli casualties as opposed to the larger number of Palestinian civilians killed. Could this be God’s protection?
Any helpless people’s deaths are tragic. At least Israel cares for their innocent and do their best to protect them.
On the Arab, Muslim side of the conflict, their people and leaders are so filled with hatred of Israel and the Jewish people, they will do whatever it takes to make the world look at Israel as the criminals in this war.
Satan is described in the Holy Bible as “a liar and the father of lies,” and the enemies of Israel are the children of darkness and deceit.
The Jews and Christians are the children of the one true God. They have known persecution throughout the existence of this world and still endure that persecution today.
But their day of deliverance is coming soon, and those who have made this world a place of violence and torment for the innocent will themselves reap a whirlwind of sorrow and regret, and their own blood will be spilled across from the face of the earth.
God is a God of love, but he is not a fool. People need to confess their sins, seek his forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ, and be ready to meet the Lord Jesus at his return.
Time is growing short. Watch Israel!
William Gerald Smith
Lancaster, Pa.