Editor, Times-Union:
The Indiana Senate will be taking up the marriage amendment this week. I want to encourage the senators to restore the original language of HJR 3 and vote “yes” so that all Hoosiers can vote on this important issue this November.
I also want senators to think! You know how the surveys interpret the feelings of the people of Indiana. You know that the voters have jobs, families and obligations at home. We can’t run to Indy to make a “show” of support for every issue that comes along. We shouldn’t be jamming your inboxes. We don’t want to turn our statehouse into a circus. And we feel it’s childish to robo-dial calls to your staff as if voting for “American Idol” singers. We’ve let you know how we feel through your surveys and town hall meetings and we have elected you to represent us.  It’s your job to do that!
The House knew how voters felt and yet many of the representatives listened to out-of-state activists and paid lobbyists and then let us down. Shame on them! We don’t want to be disenfranchised! Hopefully, the Senate will have more respect for voters and let the people vote.
Due to the disappointment in the House, many representatives are now facing so much opposition in their districts that there has recently been many primary opponents put up against them. In House District 22, we are moving away from the representative who has not been listening to us or representing our values. It’s time for Rebecca Kubacki to stop “pretending” she represents us and go home. Curt Nisly has conservative values that reflect this district, plus he has promised to really listen to us and to represent us in Indy. Choose wisely – Vote Nisly.
Debra Spencer
Mentone, via e-mail