Editor, Times-Union:
Rebecca Kubacki, who will you listen to?
It seems like we have a problem with the people that Representative Rebecca Kubacki listens to. Being an elected official, it seems like she should be listening to the people that she represents but her past voting record doesn’t seem to show that she listens to us.
Advance America sent out questionnaires to our representatives and senators and all of the surrounding representatives and senators replied back but Rebecca hasn’t responded concerning the Marriage Protection Amendment HJR 6. The 2014 general assembly must pass this without any changes so that all Hoosiers can vote on Nov. 4, 2014 to stop homosexual marriages in Indiana.
What is Rebecca Kubacki afraid of? Why doesn’t she want us to vote on it? Rebecca Kubacki, please answer us.  Will you vote for the HJR 6 as it is so that we can have it on the ballot to vote on or will you bow to the lobbyists who have $20-$25 million dollars to spend so that we Hoosiers will not be able to vote on it? Please vote to pass the HJR 6 as is on the next legislative session so it can be on the ballot.
To Carlin Yoder, Randy Head, Ryan Mishler, Dave Wolkins and Dave Ober, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing for marriage between 1 man and 1 woman and allowing it go on the ballot.
Again, Rebecca, will you listen to us or the lobbyists?
Teresa Martin
Silver Lake, via email