Editor, Times-Union:
A recent front page article in the Warsaw paper on global climate change in my view requires a few points of clarification. I did appreciate the author mentioning the man-made global warming fear mongers who would have us believe that man-made global warming is the most urgent issue on the planet. However, the article left out some very important key points on this subject.
By reading this article it appears to the reader that science of climate change and man-made global warming is a simple and settled science. The author claims he is not a global warming ‘denier’ as burning fossil fuels creates increased carbon dioxide CO2 in the atmosphere and thus man-made warming. What is not clear however is the impact this burning of fossil fuels really has on global warming. The fact is there is no scientific consensus on this issue even though the fear mongers such as Al Gore tell us falsely it is settled in science and only those who are ignorant or paid by oil companies are opposed to massive man-made global warming scenarios .
There are many skeptics of man-made global warming including 19,000 scientists who have signed a statement to that effect which includes over 2600 physical scientists of physicists, atmospheric climatologists, and those really in the know about this subject. The big lie is that there is science consensus on this issue which is simply false.
I believe readers should educate themselves a bit on this subject from those scientists who do not have political nor economical association related to their position on the subject. Al Gore and the man-made global warming fear mongers have a lot to gain from this issue. For them it is about the money. So I recommend that folks listen to specialists in the global climate science arena who do not stand to gain either politically or economically and stand opposed to the claims and predictions of man-made global warming.
I direct readers to the internet to a global climate scientist, Michael Oard who is retired from the U.S. Natural Weather Service, has a B.S. and M.S. in atmospheric climatology, and more than 40 years of research on the subject of global climate change. Oard is a committed Christian man, honest, and a man of high integrity. You can easily search his four-part talk on global warming on the Internet YouTube website.
In his four-part talk on the Internet Michael Oard plainly shows that the warming since 1880 has been confined to the Northern Hemisphere, at night, and a whopping 0.8 degrees F. Even that small increase can be disputed and Michael tells how and why.
Dr. Larry Vardiman who has a Ph.D in atmospheric climatology and is also a committed Christian without ties to global warming economic or political gains has also published and spoken on this subject. He has very specific research presentations which do not support the global warming fear mongers propaganda of massive man-made global warming. You can easily check
A great source for readers is a DVD or book entitled, Global Warming, with sub-title, A Scientific and Biblical Expose on climate change. Both Vardiman and Oard are contributors to this publication. The work is fascinating and explains benefits of global warming you will never hear from the secular media.
These guys are convinced that very little effect is being seen on global warming from man-made sources. But please do not take my word for it. Please do the investigations on this subject. It may surprise you quite a bit.
Steven Matthews
Warsaw, via emai