Editor, Times-Union:
My name is David Fagan, and I have been a member of the Republican Party for more than three decades. I have worked at the city, county and state levels for Republican candidates, including work for Mitch Daniels on both of his gubernatorial campaigns.
In addition, I served as a city councilman for seven years before accepting an appointment by Governor Daniels to the Indiana Port Commission. From 1992 to 1994 I served as a member of the Indiana Republican Platform Committee.
In 2012, we founded Lunchpail Republicans, which is a pro-business, pro-labor group that advocates second amendment rights, restraining government from negatively impacting the private sector and several other conservative positions. I have also been a member of the International Union of Operating Engineers for approximately 35 years. Currently, I serve as one of the five constitutional officers in a local union with a membership of 23,000.
While I do not compare myself to Republican elected leaders, there have been many elected Republicans who have been members of Labor Organizations. One such leader was President Ronald Reagan, who was an eight-term president of the Screen Actors Guild before he entered politics. Based on the literature that has been distributed by Rep. Rebecca Kubacki’s campaign, she would apparently not in the past, nor today, support Ronald Reagan for elected office, because as a union boss, he would not be worthy of being a Republican.
Until several months ago, I had not had the pleasure of meeting Candidate Curt Nisly. Numerous Republican members of Local 150 who reside in the 22nd District encouraged me to meet Curt Nisly. When I first met him I was impressed and to this day believe that he represents conservative values and his honesty and demeanor will prove to be a tremendous asset to the residents of the 22nd District and the State of Indiana. While the current representative attempts to win the office by bashing the opposition, Candidate Nisly continues to talk about the issues.  Therefore, our organization. Lunch Pail Republicans, will continue to support Curt Nisly for representative of the 22nd District.
With leaders like Curt, we can continue to build a foundation for economic growth that benefits corporations, small businesses and workers. These positions of economic growth are imperative. That’s the reason that I did not hesitate when Governor Daniels asked me to support his efforts to create $4 billion in infrastructure funding with the lease of the Toll Road. When we saw the need for the Illiana Expressway, I did not hesitate to work with Republican Representative Soliday and Senator Charbonneau to pass legislation for a private-public partnership to build the Illiana Expressway. Recently, when Governor Pence’s office contacted me to attend the ceremonial signing of the recent legislation to put $400 million more into infrastructure now rather than later, we did not hesitate to attend.
That is why I feel as Lunchpail Republicans, you should “Choose wisely, Vote Nisly.”
David A. Fagan
Lunchpail Republican Chairman
Portage, via email