Editor, Times-Union:
The author, Clarence Day, once said, “Information’s pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.” We endorse Torrey Bauer, a candidate running for judge of Kosciusko Superior Court 2 in the Republican Primary on May 6, based solely on the fact that we believe he has all the necessary character traits, work ethic, integrity, etc. to perform this vital role in our community.
 However, being a judge is about more than just being a “good guy” – we assume all the candidates for Superior 2 are “good guys.” There needs to be extensive legal experience necessary to do the job effectively and efficiently. Torrey Bauer is that candidate.
He is the only candidate with 23 years of experience practicing in both criminal and civil law full time in the county and is the only candidate who has worked as a court-appointed public defender in Superior Court 2 (l7 years). He is the only candidate who regularly handles cases in Superior 2.
Like we said, they’re all good guys, but how we vote on May 6 matters because “Information’s pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.”
Steve & Dian Cartwright
Warsaw, via email