Editor, Times-Union:
As this legislative session closes I am reflecting on the fact that Kosciusko County is blessed to be represented by such involved and responsive legislators. Rebecca Kubacki, Ryan Mishler and Dave Wolkins are very visible in our community and are willing to listen to issues even when approached at Walmart, Zales or McDonald’s.
Rebecca has visited our Head Start program many times and gotten down on her knees and interacted with the children at length. She has attended our educational sessions at Cardinal and that allows her to be very well informed on the issues impacting young children and people with disabilities. Ryan has visited a group home in Bremen and our classrooms for people with disabilities in Warsaw and is very comfortable interacting with people with severe disabilities. He gave me his personal cell number during a particularly rough legislative period. Dave tours our manufacturing plant and interacts with the people with disabilities working there. He has always welcomed an invitation to listen to our needs.
These three legislators make themselves available to listen when the self-advocate group from Kosciusko County visits the Statehouse annually.
Whenever there is a legislative issue of concern I know that I can contact one or all of these people, receive a response and an attentive ear. I don’t expect that they will always agree with my position but at least they seriously consider what I have to say. On behalf of me and the Cardinal Services Board of Directors, thanks to our legislators for their fine work on behalf of all us living in Kosciusko County.
Jane Wear
Cardinal Services
Warsaw, via e-mail