Editor, Times-Union:
The Indiana General Assembly is a unique state legislature in that does not meet all year long. Per the Indiana Constitution, the General Assembly meets for roughly 150 days out of its two- year cycle. This makes our legislature a true citizen legislature.  It was designed to keep professional politicians out of the halls of state government.
At the beginning of each session, all members of the General Assembly take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the State of Indiana. The members of the General Assembly have duty to the Constitution and to the citizens that they represent. There are many citizens who campaign initially that they’re for voters and will work for them. However, over time, beliefs, politics, values and dollar signs tend to cloud the judgment of many citizens who are in the political arena and turn these citizens into professional politicians. We as voters must ultimately remove politicians and replace them with citizens.
With much of her recent activity, Rebecca Kubacki has not been doing a good job with upholding her oath and morphed into a politician. As a legislator, she offers herself as a person who thinks it’s the governments’ job to protect us from ourselves. In another local newspaper, her opinion was expressed unequivocally, “wants to be the mother of Indiana’s children.” We are parents to our own children and we do not require of the state rearing our children. Even though I had a chance to talk to Rebecca Kubacki about my concerns and she listened attentively to what I had to say, she is a politician and I believe that we need new citizen representation in Indianapolis and I hope that everyone will support Curt Nisly for state representative in District 22.
Gary Eppenbaugh