Editor, Times-Union:
Since when does caring for the grandkids, going to church and attending field trips qualify for being a state representative? I’ve never doubted that Rebecca Kubacki is a great wife, mother and grandmother, but that’s not what elections are about. Elections are about doing the best for your constituents.
It appears that she can’t run on her votes, so she’ll have her daughter write a letter of warm sentiments to stir the emotions of district 22. Well, emotions are stirred alright and it’s because she’s decided to throw her constituents under the bus and vote how her “experts” tell her to vote.
She states on some ads that she’s pro Second Amendment when in reality she voted against the amendment and then it passed and then she voted for it when she got another chance. I don’t call that pro Second amendment. The Gun Owners Of America have endorsed Curt Nisly as they state that she is “hostile” to the Second Amendment, https://www.curtnisly.com/news/131-gun-owners-of-america-endorse-nisly
She stated that she would support an amendment so that Hoosiers can vote on same-sex marriage and then flip flops and votes against Hoosiers making choices but allowing government to make that choice for us.
She says that she voted against Common Core but in reality she voted against pausing it when it came up for the first vote last year.
Yes, she may be a great wife, mom and grandmother so I think it’s time that on May 6 she can have that role full time and allow Curt Nisly to serve this district with the respect that it deserves. His motto is less government, free people. So true, it’s time for a change. Elections are won by earning respect not by playing on emotions. To learn more about Curt Nisly, visit www.curtnisly.com
Teresa Martin
Silver Lake, via e-mail