Editor, Times-Union:
In response to the letter from Brett Harter, he must be one of the lucky ones that she listens to. Does she really care about each voice when she tells parents at a public meeting on Common Core that she “listens to the experts”? Parents care about their kids, know their kids, have to deal with the homework, in fact I know of parents who have master’s degrees and can’t figure out the math homework. She says now that she voted against Common Core, but last year she voted against pausing and was for Common Core yet in January but then when The Chamber said vote against it, she voted against it. Hmmm … who does she really listen to? Maybe some “experts” down in Indy?
Also, I’m really confused how you can say that Curt Nisly says that he doesn’t have to listen to every citizen in our area. Where did you hear that from? I have been to many of his events, have heard lots of people ask him questions and never once did a word come out like that.
I think you need to learn more about Curt Nisly as he stands for limited government which gives more freedom to people, unlike Rebecca Kubacki who votes for more regulations in government, which is big government.
District 22 has a choice on Tuesday, May 6, do they want more regulations (Kubacki) or less government (Nisly)?
Teresa Martin
Silver Lake, via e-mail